Tampon Tax Community Fund

Status:  Open to applications

Application Deadline: 26 October 2018


Grants are available to local not-for-profit organisations for local projects that improve the lives of disadvantaged women and girls in local communities across the UK.

Maximum Value: £ 10,000
Minimum Value: £ 5,000

Value Notes

Grants of between £5,000 and £10,000 are available for a duration of up to 12 months.

Extended Description

The Tampon Tax Community Fund is being delivered locally across the UK through a partnership between the UK Community Foundations and its local community foundation members.

The purpose of the Tampon Tax Fund is to allocate the funds generated from the VAT on sanitary products to local projects that improve the lives of disadvantaged women and girls across the UK.

The Fund aims to support women and girls who are most marginalised to overcome barriers that prevent them from fulfilling their potential.

Latest Information

Applications will be accepted from 17 September 2018 to 26 October 2018 (midday).                                       

Key Criteria

UK based organisations with a local or community reach can apply.

This fund is open for applications from:

  • Registered UK charities.
  • Constituted Community groups.
  • Companies Limited by Guarantee with charitable aims.
  • Community Interest Companies.
  • Co-operatives - registered Community Benefit Societies and registered Industrial and Provident Societies.
  • Credit Unions.
  • Social Enterprises.

Priority will be given to:

  • Women and girl organisations which are defined by this programme as:
    • An organisation that has been established by women or girls and/or is led and staffed by women and girls.
    • An organisation that has been established with the key aim of working with women and girls only.
    • The majority of beneficiaries served by the organisation are, and will continue to be, women and girls, and the majority of the services will reflect this.
  • Grassroots organisations offering localised support.
  • Organisations working with beneficiaries with multiple disadvantages.
  • User led organisations that have a clear understanding of the needs they are supporting.
  • Sustainable projects that provide long-term solutions to the people they are helping.

Eligible Expenditure

Projects must meet one or more of the following objectives:

  • Building skills and confidence, for example, supporting women and girls to learn new skills, giving them the ability to apply for new jobs and/or return to the workplace.
  • Improving health and well-being, for example, teaching women how to look after and improve their own mental or physical health and live in good health for longer.
  • Building social networks, for example, connecting women to others they can share similar experiences with, supporting them to feel less lonely, more valued, more able to pass on that support.

The funding can be used for:

  • Volunteer expenses - budget for training, travel, telephone calls, travel and meals.
  • Activity costs - budget for resources to facilitate a project/activity; costs that fall outside capital, volunteer or staffing costs, eg, event catering, volunteer costs.
  • Project staff / sessional staff costs - budget for external consultants and staff that are employed for the specific project/activity that is being funded, including the cost of permanent staff to deliver specific projects.


The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Groups in receipt of Tampon Tax funding from another funder for the same project, unless it can be clearly demonstrated that this programme is funding different activity.
  • Statutory organisations, including schools.
  • Individuals or Individual Sponsorship.
  • Use for activities of a party political or exclusively religious nature.
  • Paid for marketing and advertising.
  • Purchases of capital equipment.
  • Costs reimbursed or to be reimbursed by funding from other public authorities or from the private sector.
  • Interest payments (including service charge payments for finance leases).
  • Statutory fines, criminal fines, or penalties.
  • Trips abroad.

Application Procedure

Groups should visit their local community foundation website for further details about the eligibility requirements of the scheme in their area. The list of local Community Foundations can be found on the UK Community Foundations website.

Applications will be reviewed, shortlisted and assessed by the relevant local Community Foundation. Eligible projects will be taken to a local panel, where a decision will be made on which projects have been successful. Applicants will be notified shortly after the panel.

Addresses and contacts

Application forms may be available to download their website.
Contact details:
UK Community Foundations 
Unit 1.04 Piano House 
9 Brighton Terrace 
020 7713 9326