SQP is a unique quality programme designed to support West Berkshire’s voluntary and community sector. Charities carry out essential work in our community, protecting the most vulnerable and providing important services. 

The aim of SQP is to see that trustees have relevant safeguards in place to protect themselves, the charity and its beneficiaries and that it has given due consideration to key areas. Whilst it is the duty of the trustee to make the final decision as to how to implement your work, quality assurance is undertaken by the whole organisation, we can provide guidance and support to ensure the right decisions are made.

This SQP booklet is a self-assessment tool to ensure you have asked the most important questions. For more scrutiny contact the VCWB team who will provide a consultation based on this self-assessment tool along with additional support to reach your desired level.

The completion of the standard takes a considerable organisational commitment from trustees, staff and volunteers. However this investment will reap rewards by enabling organisations to demonstrate quality, identify how to improve services and convey continuous improvement to potential funders.

Simple Quality Protects will help your organisation to:

·       Demonstrate to funders the quality of your service

·       Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your group

·       Design services that fit the needs of your clients

·       Improve the satisfaction of service users, staff and volunteers

·       Demonstrate services are delivered whilst safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

·       Identify areas for improvement

·       Ensure your policies and procedures are fit for local commissioning, tendering and procurement and funders requirements

How can you get involved?

VCWB are pleased to be able offer SQP to small groups within West Berkshire, we will support you at acheive the relevant the SQP acreditation for your organisation. We are working with local statutory providers such as WBC and Berkshire NHS to promote SQP as a recognised Quality Assurance Mark.  Why not contact us today, tel: 01635 49004 or email:garry@vcwb.org.uk

For further information on whats involved click on the links below.

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SQP in action!