Froebelian Innovation Grants

Status: Open to applications

Deadline: 29th June, 2018


Grants are available for registered charities to support the application of Froebelian principles in new ways and environments in order to support children to play expressively and creatively.

Maximum Value: £ 40,000

Value Notes

The maximum grant available is £40,000 spread over one or two years.

The Trust is particularly interested in projects that demonstrate strong value for money, and therefore would consider funding multiple, small projects depending on the range and quality of applications.


Extended Descriptions

The Froebel Trust is a UK-based early years education charity which aims to promote the value and relevance of Froebelian principles to the education and learning of children in the 21st century.

The Innovation Grants programme was introduced in 2016, and to date has been run through invitation only. In 2018, the Trust is opening the fund up for applications. The Trust expects to see in applications how the applicant organisation will develop their understanding of Froebelian principles, and similarly how they will embed a Froebelian approach into their project design.

Latest Information

The deadline for applications is 29 June 2018 (5pm).

Key Criteria

The applicant organisation must be a registered charity. This can include UK based charities, schools and international charities.

Eligible Expenditure 

To be eligible, projects must:

  • Support children between the ages of 0 and 8 years to play expressively.
  • Explicitly apply at least one of the Trust’s named Froebelian principles.
  • Contribute to the Trust’s strategic objectives to:
    • Demonstrate how the application of Froebelian principles provide high quality learning and education.
    • Increase the Trust’s impact and visibility by increasing our charitable activity, improving our own practices and building new and effective partnerships.
  • Contribute to at least one of the Trust’s cross cutting themes. These themes reflect the Trust’s vision and priorities and provide an additional focus for our grant-giving. The themes are:
    • Addressing disadvantage and valuing diversity.
    • Childhood under stress (focusing on those environment in which young children cannot play freely or with agency).
    • Adult (staff and parental) engagement with young children.
  • Demonstrate how they will build in Froebelian principles to their project design and outcomes.

Although it is not expected that applicants will have any experience or knowledge of Froebelian principles in order to apply, the Trust is looking to applicants to propose innovative ways to show how their projects will promote Froebelian principles and apply these into new areas and environments.

Grants can cover the costs of:

  • Personnel costs directly related to the project.
  • Direct activity and production costs.
  • Project administration costs where these are not already covered by other funding.
  • Project publicity costs, including launch event costs.
  • Disclosure and Barring Service checks for applications in the UK and NI.
  • VAT on fees where VAT cannot be reclaimed.

The Trust is willing to pay full cost recovery but will expect that core organisational costs are proportional to the project costs and that the calculation basis is clear.


The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Any salary or other costs that have already been funded from another source.
  • Core overheads of the applying organisation not related to the project.
  • Expenses incurred in submitting an application.
  • Costs arising prior to the start date of the project.

Aplication Proceedure

Full details of the fund, including frequently asked questions, guidelines, the application form, progress report, can be found on the Froebel Trust website.

Any questions should be directed to Liz Biskar, Grants Manager, on Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by October 2018. Applicants should factor this into project planning, with grant funded projects commencing from November 2018 onwards.

Addresses and Contacts

Application forms may be found on their website.

Contact details:
Liz Biskar
Froebel Trust 
Clarence Lodge 
Clarence Lane 
SW15 5JW